CEPRIM technologies is specialized in consulting, technical study and mechanical realization of specific parts, tools or equipment. Created in 2005, we are composed of 15 people and settled on the ZI of Rousset (Bouches-du-Rhône) in 1350m² of offices and workshops.

We work primarily for the Microelectronics, Credit Card, Pharmaceutical and Research Labs industries.

Our multi-skills allow us to work in all industrial sectors.

Our strength is to make quality products, to be very responsive and versatile, but above all to have the ability to take charge of projects from the idea to the finished product.

This allows our customers to handle several different types of projects with the same contact, because we carry out internally:




Load specifications 







Specific Machines 

& Specific Tools




3 and 5 axis digital machining Centres


4-Axis Digital tower




Conventional turning and milling


Flat Grinding


Microbiller &  Tribofinition




Boilermaking, Realization of chassis and structures..


Piping and industrial instrumentation.


Pressure and vacuum tests. 


Sheet metal.




Mounting sets Mechanics


System maintenance at our premises or at the customer's


Interventions on customer sites.




We carry out about 1500 projects a year, of which about 500 to 600 projects of studies.

We also carry out numerous R & D and / or re-engineering studies in order to develop our products and / or propose our improvements, which allows us today to have a specific CEPRIM catalog supplied with about 80 references.

It is within this framework of research that we are in regular contact with regional organizations for research and innovation support such as OSEO-ANVAR - Mediterranean technologies, the ICC and INPI for industrial protection soleau envelope and patents.

Because of our activity, we are part of the SCS competitiveness cluster.

This permanent R & D at CEPRIM, allows us to have quality products and a technological advance.

This allowed us to obtain the status of young innovative company. We also received an award in October 2010 of the PACI, Award of the 10 best companies (among more than 850 companies) created in 10 years on the country of Aubagne and Ciotat. We were awarded a second prize in 2014: price of the 15 most beautiful companies created for 15 years in the country of Aubagne and La Ciotat.
As a result, we share our daily skills with our customers in order to help them in their core business, and to provide them with the best support, we are constantly improving our quality and our working tool.


Our main customers are: ST Micro-Electronique, Microchip, Gemalto, IBS , MacArtney, Supersonics Imagine, Impika…


Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, it is even the essential objective. That's why we started an ISO 9001-2008 and then 2015 certification process to:


• Guarantee the durability and seriousness of the company

• Meet customer requirements with critical supplier status

• Differentiate yourself from the competition


For That, we have: 




  • Undertaken a systematic reflection, item by item, in order to analyze all that can be improved to guarantee the traceability and the quality of our products..
  • Put in place the necessary procedures and adaptations..
  • Formalized our skills.
  • Ensured continuity for each function.


The effective implementation of this policy is based on a clearly defined and well-known organization and carried by all our teams. It translates into the definition and regular monitoring of measurable objectives that allow us to assess the relevance and effectiveness of our guidelines.