Give life to your project.

Whether you come from subsidiaries of large industrial groups, a start-up, an SME, an independent Designer ... We can support you in your projects and whatever the stage of progress: our teams will be happy to be at your disposal to understand, imagine and give life to your project.

We are able to assist you in advance phase (pre-project) on the definition of your needs, drafting specifications CDCH, technical assistance to project management, feasibility studies, etc ... until realization complete studies (plans, model 3D, diagrams electrical, programs, etc ..).

We can even support you on our multiple internal controlled skills such as the manufacture of mechanical parts and assemblies (machining machines from 3 to 5 digital axes) development, electrical wiring, programming, boiler / industrial piping, instrumentation / process, etc ... to deliver your parts, machines, pro-types turnkey ....

Our design office can realize for you the complete studies of specific parts, tools and special machines. Our automatism / electricity service can design your electrical cabinet, schemas, wiring, program and debugging.




Mechanical conception | CAO.

Our design office can realize for you the studies of specific parts, tools and special machines.

 - Consulting services, feasibility studies, project forwards, drafting of specifications and technical specifications, etc…

 - Design studies carried out from specifications, or not, Implementation and assembly of standard components.

 - Studies ranging from a simple piece to a special machine and going through specific tools.

 - know how in mechanics, plastics, sheet metal, glass, …

Mecanical studies...

Automation | Remote control.

We can carry out internally all phases of development of the functional analysis to the turnkey commissioning.

We realize complete services from the functional analysis to the commissioning of an API (Programmable Logic Controllers) program on site.

- Brand : Siemens, Telemecanique, Omron, etc…

 - Making Human Machine Interface and SCADA

 - Making of C ++ computer program and graphical interface with Qt (system control via PC)




Electro-technics's studies | Electrical schema | Electrical cabinet wiring.

Electrotechnics's studies, diagrams Electrical, industrial electrical cabinet wiring.

- Electrical studies

 - Making complete files frome Specifications or Fonctional Analysis.


Automated Systems | Specific tools.

Meeting of the 3 activities of our design office, we can realize all your automated systems from the specifications to the delivery turnkey. We master internally:

- Mechanical studies, realizations and montages.

- Electrical engineering studies, diagrams and wiring.

- Automation, writing programs and tests

- Integration, assembly, development and commissioning at the customer's premises.


Specific automated systems