Boilermaking / Industrial Piping / Instrumentation

Design, Making and installation of industrial and process piping. Skid, distribution cabinets, filtration, purification and recirculation Instrumentation, regulation, ventilation / extraction networks, ultra-pure networks Manufacture of customized individual parts, chassis, furniture INOX Weldings, Orbital, Brazing, Tribo-finishing, microbillage, polishing


Our workshop carries out, according to your plans as well as according to our internal studies, all types of works going from the united piece welded while passing by the realization of your chassis and other mechanic-welded structure steel, stainless steel or aluminum, such as the cutting, bending, drilling, welding MIG / TIG / ARC .. We can also realize your plans and drawings via our Design Office.

Our teams can also intervene on site for assembly and maintenance operations.

Industrial piping

We are at your disposal to study and / or carry out any type of industrial piping work (stainless steel, steel) on all types of fluid (steam, hot water, gas, chemistry, petrochemistry, powders, etc ...) and in all type of sectors (Industrial, gas, petrochemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, etc ...)

Our achievements can be prefabricated, assembled and tested in our workshop then delivered as skids or made directly on site by our experts.


Thanks to our multidisciplinary experience, we can combine our expertise in Design Engineering (Electrical / Automation / 3D design) and realization in boilermaking piping to study, realize and install turnkey your most demanding installations for the routing of your fluids. , gases and powders in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, cosmetic, etc. sectors.