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Machine equipment

We machine specific parts or medium series at a time according to your requests and also for the realization of our projects of studies that we deliver to you turnkey.

We have a very flexible organization, access on the customer, which allows us to have a reactivity and speed unequaled, while keeping and standardizing the high level of quality requirement required by sectors such as micro-electronics, medical / pharma and aeronautics for which we work.

We are equipped with 5-axis digital machining center and SolidCam CAD / CAM.

We invite you to discover our machine park and the materials that we work the most.

Centre Numérique: 5 Axe Hurco VM 30 Ui 

Capacité 762x508x520mm et jusqu’à 200Kg.

Specs machine : 

          Axe X: 762 mm

          Axe Y: 508 mm

           Axe Z: 520 mm

          Axe A:  -110° / +30°

          Axe C: 360°

          Vitesse de broche 12 000 rpm

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Centre Numérique:  5 Axes Hurco VMX 42 Ui

Capacité 1060x610x520mm et jusqu’à 250Kg.

Specs machine : 

          Axe X: 1 060 mm

          Axe Y: 610 mm

           Axe Z: 520 mm

          Axe A:  -110° / +30°

          Axe C: 360°

          Vitesse de broche 12 000 rpm

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Centre Numérique: 3 Axes HURCO VMX 42 t


Capacité 1270x610x520mm et jusqu’à 1350Kg

Specs machine : 

          Axe X: 1 060 mm

          Axe Y: 610 mm

          Axe Z: 610 mm   

          Vitesse de broche 12 000 rpm

Tour Numérique: 4 Axes CMZ TL 20 TM

Usinage - tournage

Capacité Ø400mm x 692mm

Specs machine : 

Ø max. de tournage : 400 mm

EP : 692 mm Ø max.

Vitesse: 400 rpm

Centre Numérique : 3 Axes DECKEL FP3NC


Capacité 700x470x400mm


Axe X:500 mm

Axe Y:400 mm

Axe zl:400 mm

Table:700mm x 470mm

Vitesse de broche:40 - 4000 rpm




Machined Materials


Below is a list of materials that we machine very regularly. But we are able to machine a much larger panel of materials too, feel free to ask us for exotic materials:

Aluminum (6060 / 2017A / 5083/7075/7024 / ...), Steel (Z160CDV12 / 42CD4 / E24 ...), INOX (304L / 316L / 310), Inconel, Titanium (TA6V), Ceramic, Bonze, Copper , Brass, POM C, Nylon, Teflon, PP, PEEK, Torlon, PVDF, etc ...

We have established partnerships with companies recognized in the field of chemical processing to deliver your finished parts with quenching, Anodic Anodizing (OAS and OAD), Alodine 1200, Surtec, nickel plating, zinc plating, chromium plating, etc ...